Northern Japanese Spitz Club . . . .

Welcome to our breed and welcome to our club - The Japanese Spitz is an endearing small white dog that wins the hearts of all that meet it, in fact it is true that a Jap Spitz owner can rarely walk their dog without being greeted with one of the following comments:- "What a beautiful dog"; "How do you keep it so white?"; "What breed is that dog?"; and, inevitably "What did it cost?"; all these to the extent that a typical 'dog-walk' can take up to 50% longer than you might expect.

The Northern Japanese Spitz Club is here to support all Jap Spitz owners and to provide them with an environment in which they can share the special relationships that they have with their dogs and also to share best practises that exist within the breed.

We also report on show successes and other developments within the breed and our developing relationship with The Kennel Club.

So welcome to our web pages, please take the time to browse our site and enjoy the dialogue, comments, and images that you will find here.   If you wish to comment or add to our site then please feel free to contact our club secretary or our webmaster.

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