UK Japanese Spitz Owners - Health Survey

        Carly Spratley is the Kennel Club Health Representative for the Club, this is a new role for Carly and her first task is to create an online Survey to establish what the current health concerns are affecting the breed in the UK. The last health survey the club conducted was in 2009/10 so it's time to gather new information so we can ensure we are doing all we can to keep this lovely breed healthy. Carly has many years within the breed and is also a qualified human, canine and equine chiropractor.

      A few notes about the survey: the responses are anonymous, if you have more than one JS please complete the survey for each dog, at the end, there is an option to add any further information you may have that you were not able to express previously in your answers. Carly would also like to give owners the option to contact her directly with any health related issues,

To Contact Carly email her at

        Regardless of whether you show, do agility or your JS is a pet, please complete the survey. Even if your dog(s) have never suffered any illness, this is also important so as to enable us to get a clear picture. If you have any problems completing the survey, please do contact us and thank you.

    Click here to take the Survey . . .