Further Reading . . .

As the Japanese Spitz is a relatively rare breed then as you may expect then there is not a huge amount of further reading available. However there are two publications at least that warrant particular mention, especially because they are both written by authors who are well experienced in their field and they are both thorough in the treatment of their subject.

JAPANESE SPITZ: A Kennel Club book Authored by Michael P Rule, ISBN: 1-59378-360-4
This is a comprehensive owners guide to the breed - covering a broad range of subjects from The History of the Breed, its Characteristics and Standard, through that initial introduction of a JS Puppy into your home, everyday care, grooming, training and health with concluding chapters on behaviour and showing.     A thoroughly recommended read.

BOOK OF THE BITCH: An Interpet Publishing book Authored by J. M. Evans and Kay White, ISBN: 1-86054-023-3
This is a complete guide to understanding and caring for bitches - starting from the point at which the new owner is deciding whether to choose a dog or a bitch puppy for themselves, through bringing up a bitch puppy, taking it through its first season then following it through middle age into old age. For those who intend to breed from their bitch then all the information is here from choosing a stud dog, through mating, pregnancy, whelping to the birth and rearing of the puppies.     Again a thoroughly recommended read.

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